18 MIN

A'DAM Tower

With 22 floors, the A'DAM Tower in Amsterdam North literally catches the eye. The tower houses various bars, restaurants and a viewpoint that offers you an impressive view of the city. Or how about the Lookout Swing, which allows you to swing above the Amsterdam skyline at a height of more than 100 metres?


Homomonument (Gay Monument)

The Homomonument (Gay Monument), which has been located on the Westermarkt near the Keizersgracht since 1987, is the very first gay monument in the world. The sculpture consists of three pink triangles that are connected and represent the past, present and future. The pink triangle refers to the Second World War, when gay men and women had to wear the triangle in concentration camps. 

16 MIN

Wake me up when I'm famous

There's plenty of street art in Amsterdam, but it's the 'Wake me up when I'm famous' mural that still goes viral. You'll find this eye-catcher for your Instagram feed in the Pijp area, or to be more precise, showing off in Frans Halsstraat.