Tips from the team

Hans over zijn favoriete plekken in Amsterdam

Hans has lived in Amsterdam for thirty years and the city never ceases to amaze him. In his spare time, General Manager Hans likes nothing more than to hunt for new hidden gems. He's happy to tell you more about his favourite hidden places in the city!

Le Petit Deli

Not far from The ED, in the Jordaan, a very nice little shop is hidden. Hans: 'I love baking and I love finding new inspiration. In the Jordaan, there's a small shop inspired by French patisserie that sells the best cakes and other delicious pastries in Amsterdam. They have those perfect Instagram cakes, you know. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to go in and take a look around yet, but even from the outside, looking in, everything looks beautiful. This shop is really on the top of my own 'must-visit' list. Le Petit Deli is a collaboration with Le Petit Gateau and I have been there before. I never cease to be amazed on how beautifully they make the cakes and other goodies there. All people should go there, even if it is just to eat a croissant.'

Museum Our’ Dear Lord in the Attic

The Museum "Ons' Lieve Heer Op Solder" may be the second oldest museum in the city, but it is one of the least well-known museums in Amsterdam. 'I love to encounter places that not everyone knows about, which is how I found this museum. Everyone knows the Rijksmuseum, but it are those little unknown museums that stick. I am surprised that this museum is so unknown, even to locals. I think that’s also because you would not expect to find a museum in that building. You enter a canal house, then you are led through an underground tunnel and you go up the stairs. And once you are upstairs, you are guaranteed to be amazed. It is unimaginable that people used to secretly build a church in the attic because it was forbidden at the time. As far as I am concerned, this museum can call itself the most extraordinary museum of the city.'

Amsterdam from the water

You can of course discover Amsterdam from the quay, but according to Hans, Amsterdam is really at its most gorgeous when seen from the water. 'It may sound like a typical tourist thing to book a canal cruise through Amsterdam, but believe me, it really takes your breath away. Of course, you can also hire a boat and explore the canals yourself. I think that is one of the best things to do with friends in summer. We always make a nice day of it, bring food and go sailing. There's nothing better than sitting on the water and do some people-watching, right?'


Sapore Italiano

There are countless of restaurants in Amsterdam, but according to Hans Sapore is the one to go to: 'Sapore Italiano is the best Italian restaurant in town and I recommend it to everyone. Of course there are pizzas here, but if you eat at Sapore, you should eat the pastas. They are crazy delicious! They make the pastas completely fresh and can make them just how you like it. What I also like about this restaurant is that the portions are not too big, but just right. And if you want to eat good pizza, I would recommend Piccolo Mindo on the Geldersekade. It's great for people-watching too, because it's right beside the canal.'

Street Art in the city

Amsterdam has many museums, of course, but there is also plenty of art to be seen in the open air. Hans: 'I think street art is the best art there is. You can just walk around and you will come across it. For example, in a small side street at the Overtoom, they have painted the face of an African woman and her hair is made of ivy. I think that is so cool. I also follow Street art Frankey on Instagram. He is an artist from Amsterdam and his work can be found all over the city. If I come across something, I always take a picture. In the Leidsebosje, right across from the hotel, you can find the so called woodcutter. Although the woodcutter has been there for over 30 years, it is still a mystery who made it. You just have to know about it, because it is hidden in a tree. You sometimes have to look hard to find street art, but that is the fun of it: it is genuine hidden art. If you are in the hotel, you can certainly ask me where the nicest and most beautiful street art works are hidden, I know where to find them all. Street art is just the nicest art there is, isn't it?'